I am a passionate creative executive and artist at heart with an award winning track record leading, inspiring, and building the creative process
& the people behind it.

I have a unique and varied experience in content creation from both a hands-on creative as well as an executive leadership position that span
industries of Advertising, Fashion, Music Video, Broadcast and Social Media.

I can easily step into multiple roles of creative director, operations guru, team builder, lead evangelist, top designer, vfx supervisor and technology
& workflow expert. All in constant pursuit of aesthetic brilliance, flawless design and and the eyeballs that it attracts.

You name the hat, I’ve worn it. With style!

I have been an integral part of top creative companies in NYC, taking up residency at: CHRLX, Launch, Click 3x, Industrial Color,
and providing leadership and creative services for many others.
Most recently relocating to Disney / ABC Network Group in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Regardless of project, place, or circumstance, knowing what my clients want I deliver results for brands including:
Def Jam Records, Calvin Klein, American Express, Jimmy Choo, GSK, Gillette, HOOD BY AIR, Coke, MTV, Ford Motor Co., ESPN,
Reebok, Intel, Novartis, BET, Pfizer, National Geographic, HBO, Johnson and Johnson/Visine, Walmart, Procter and Gamble, Pepsi,
Staples, Tanqueray, Hasbro, Kraft, Crest, Swedish House Mafia, Subway, Christian Dior, Pillsbury, more...

I am key liaison to top creative technology companies, advising on future roadmaps, beta testing, R&D’ing experimental initiatives and exploring
near-market technologies.

I have worked with Autodesk Media & Entertainment as a beta tester and Product Specialist.

I got my start at ABC Television Network in NYC.

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info @ hiredweapon.com
nine-one-seven 535-9737